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Flying Gaffs  

Bluewater Extreme Flying Gaffs are top quality Stainless Steel IGFA Gaffs, with gaff heads available in two sizes and a choice of rope and pole options. All heads, poles and ropes are interchangeable.

Gaff Head, Large Size (225mm Bite) Gaff Head, Extra-Large Size (300mm Bite)
Gaff Heads and shackles are made from polished 316 Grade Marine Stainless Steel. The enormously strong gaff head special design has a large barb and a precision balanced off-set head for 'No Jamming' on pole disengage. 
Gaff Poles are large diameter (38mm) for both stiffness and for more easy handling and gripping. They are very strong being made from heavy duty glass-fiber composite and carbon-fiber composite respectively. Poles have a bored and slotted end fitting forward to receive and locate the gaff head, and a shaped end fitting at the butt to locate the rope wrap. The length of the assembled extra-large sized gaff head and pole = 2.4 meters (IGFA max length = 8 feet / 2.44 meters). The gaff poles float.
Black gloss finished pole.
Carbon-fiber clear gloss finished pole.
Pole butt showing rope in place.

Gaff Ropes are made of polyester as it is much more pliable and softer than nylon, easier on the hands and easier to tie knots. The large 20mm diameter is easier to grip and haul on than small diameter ropes. The ropes are spliced to a single 8mm 316SS chain link on one end, and spliced with a 200mm loop on the other end. Rope length = 8 meters (IGFA Max length = 30 feet / 9.14 meters).

20mm polyester braided rope (black).
20mm polyester 3-strand twisted rope (white).

Our gaffs do the job. Our gaffs won't let you down!


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