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Tuna Tubes & Bait Tanks

Bluewater Extreme Tuna Tube and Bait Tank moldings provide the core of our one-stop bait tank / livewell product range.

Bluewater Extreme Tuna Tubes are made to suit  installation inside the transom or side combing areas of the gamefishing boat cockpit.
Individual Tuna Tubes Ported Overflow Tuna Tubes Twin Tuna Tube Unit
(For in-combing installation, with overflow water falling on deck. Polished stainless steel cover plate available.) (For in-combing installation, with overflow water piped away. Can be routed to the bait tank.) (For transom installation, typically on trailer boats)
It is recommended to install tuna tubes in-combing, if at all possible, to produce a tidy installation and have good flow characteristics.
Bluewater Extreme Bait Tanks may be under-deck, in-transom or free-standing as required. Use one of our standard moldings, or we can easily build or adapt custom molds to meet your requirements.
High-flow feed pumps are used for water supply, with overflow piped overboard. Diaphram-type positive-displacement pumps are used for pumping out tanks after use. Tanks are dry when not in use and can be used for storage or even cool boxes.
Systems can be water fed from engine driven feed pumps if preferred, but it is recommended to include electric feed pumps to allow bait tanks to be operational overnight on anchor if required. Pumps are sized to provide required water supply at minimum current draw. Individual pumps are recommended for each tank/system  to allow independent operation (i.e. in dual tank installations).
Individual pumps also reduces issues of access to change-over valves in difficult access areas, with all functions operated from the cockpit control panel (or main breaker board). The diaphram-type positive-displacement pumps will pump solids (fish scales, fish waste, krill, plankton), removing the requirement for any pump filter and the requirement to crawl below-decks to clean a filter.
Fiberglass tanks and tubes are molded producing a smooth glossy gelcoat easy clean interior surface, in your choice of gelcoat colour (see above pictured 120 liter tanks in ocean blue gelcoat). Exterior finish is textured fiberglass with white gelcoat. Tanks can be insulated to enable them to be used as coolboxes/fishboxes/etc, and can also incorporate refrigeration.
Systems  include all components and fittings (e.g. pumps, sea-cocks, through-hull fittings, pipe fittings, pipework) and electrical components including main breakers and waterproof remote switch panel (e.g. for cockpit) (BEP Marine equipment).
Bluewater Extreme Ltd standard warranty applies to all equipment and work not otherwise covered by a manufacturers warranty.

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