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Bluewater Extreme Tag Poles are light and stiff and have good balance and handling characteristics with large diameter glass fiber tapered shaft and large EVA grips. Bluewater Extreme tag poles float.
All Bluewater Extreme tagging devices have an end fitting that enables the tag applicator spike to be reversed inside the tag pole for safe storage when not in use. The end fitting can accommodate different tag applicator spikes, either for the NZ data tags (NZ Cooperative Tagging Program) or the Billfish Association Tagging Program, or other commonly found data tag systems.
Tag Pole, 2400mm / 8.0ft Long, One-Piece Pole.


Deck Tagger / Short Pole.

The Deck Tagger / Short Pole is used for recreational tagging of fish on the deck of a boat, scientific tagging operations, and commercial aquaculture tagging activities.

Bluewater Extreme spare tag applicator spikes (all types / formats) and end fitting spare parts are available.

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